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Sleep Hacks For More Energy

Sleep -What the hack?

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We spend a third of our lives asleep, but by no means this state of hibernation is time wasted!

For my 42nd birthday, my husband sent me (literally) to a meridian massage with a great therapist. Actually I had absolutely no time, because I was planning to cook for my parents and had sooo much to do. However, it later turned out that this very holistic therapy session was to completely change the course of the following year. I was completely out of balance and not grounded at all. The therapist could tell from the moment she saw me. 
As I lay on the massage table, she questioned me about my sleeping habits. At that time, I was not sleeping more than 5 hours a night. I didn't see this as a big problem.My immediate reaction was, "I eat very healthy anyway! To which she replied, "Nutrition is only one of five pillars of health." That was the day I began to see health as a holistic issue. Respecting the circadian rhythm plays an essential role in this!

Why Is Restful Sleep So Crucial?

According to the latest studies, restful sleep plays an extremely important role, especially when it comes to the regeneration of our physical and mental functional mechanisms. Truly restful sleep increases productivity supports fat loss, helps prevent illness, improves concentration and mental clarity. One of my favorites experts in this field is Shawn Stevenson. In his best-selling book Sleep Smarter, he explains all the aspects that need to be considered to optimize sleep quality. Of course, the biohacking guru and owner of BulletproofDave Asprey, must also be mentioned in this context. For him, sleep plays a particularly important role in connection with longevity.

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Create your cozy sanctuary of sleep!

6 benefits you get from a restful sleep

  1. By ensuring a deeper sleep at night, you support the burning of fat. Weight-loss the easy way. I’m sure that Sleeping beauty knew that.
  2. You are mentally fitter and you have a clearer mind. You will also find it easier to concentrate and you have a better memory. This increases your effectiveness and therefore your quality of life by achieving better results in every area of your life. Become smarter with a restful sleep!
  3. Many people sacrifice sleep to achieve more. They hardly know that the quality of work can be severely affected by sleep deprivation. Restful sleep can radically improve productivity, you manage to do more with more ease. Unfortunately, at this point, maternal care must also be mentioned. During the first years of a child’s life, mothers seldom feel well-rested and often do not reach the desired sleep level. In this case, it is all the more important to make the most of the little sleep the young mother is allowed.
  4. The stress load on the body can be significantly reduced by restful sleep. In other words, the simplest prevention of many stress-related, often chronic diseases is good quality sleep.
  5. Millions of people suffer from lack of energy and chronic fatigue. Good sleep, in favor of a more effective regeneration, gives us the energy that makes life worth living. Everyone who has ever suffered from severe fatigue understands the importance of life energy.
  6. Heart disease, diabetes, and cancer are reaching epidemic proportions. Certainly, you too have met people who suffer or have suffered from one of these diseases. Improving the quality of your sleep can also make a significant preventive contribution.

Which nutrients help me to improve my sleep?

Find out which nutrients are vital for a better quality of sleep. If you feel deprived of sleep, you better watch out for the nutrients I have listed HERE … including the recipe for the delicious Ashwaghandha Chill-Chai Tea!

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