Wholefood and Mindful Nutrition

Boost your energy and mental strength

You certainly don’t want your meal to complicate your life, do you? Rather, you want your delicious lunch to provide you with additional benefits in addition to enjoyment:

  • stable energy level over a long period of time
  • clarity of mind
  • to keep your mood on an even keel

Your eating habits and food choices determine whether you start your day (after a good night’s sleep) with energy and good spirits.

Believe me, I know what it means to get up in the morning exhausted. Then it starts with coffee and quick energy, in the form of a bread roll and jam, to get the brain rolling. Until a few years ago, I started the blood sugar roller coaster going every morning and felt like I was being remote-controlled all day long. Energy shortages in the late morning and around 3 p.m. I had to compensate with quick sugar from the cookie jar and lots of coffee. What happened if I did not provide my body with fast energy? I became lumpy, could not think clearly and I got wobbly knees. In order to prevent this, eating constantly was on my daily schedule.

What bothered me about it: my diet and my living habits determined my

  • Moods
  • energy level
  • mental clarity

My credo: Create your day, don´t chase your day!

Nicht meine Blutzucker-Schwankungen bestimmen meinen Tag! ICH bin verantwortlich für mein körperliche und geistige Wohl!

My mission: longevity and mental clarity up to a high age


I am longing for a self-determined life, I like the feeling of being in charge! This includes self-determination when it comes to physical and mental fitness. Even emotionally, we don’t have to be controlled by others. Especially as women, we often have the feeling that our hormones are in charge of us. But emotional stability can certainly be determined by ourselves. Many mindfulness tools that help us to live more consciously are becoming increasingly popular. The more “stressed out” we are, the harder it is to stay in balance. Especially nutrition can influence us not only physically, but also cognitively and emotionally.

What is my mission? I want to put nutritional facts into practice. Heee? That is supposed to mean what? I prepare foods with a high nutrient density as gently as possible and combine them cleverly to maximize the availability of vital substances. We now also know that a mindful eating pattern can get more out of our diet instead of just providing energy for hips or muffin-tops.

sourdough bread bread rolls
Snack in-between: sourdough rolls and superfood-butter-spread

You say: maybe it might be, but I have no time for cooking! Well, I have many tips & tricks in store: creative solutions for a varied, wholefood-diet. To be honest, it requires a certain amount of planning and also additional effort to cook gently and nourishing. But with a little practice and creativity, you will get a whole new awareness of what your body really needs. Unfortunately, most of us have forgotten this intuitive feeling. Learn to be present and issues like food cravings might soon be a thing of the past

Fit for the day with a protein-rich breakfast

Proteinreiches Frühstück

Energy-booster for a busy day

Bloodsugarfreindly coffee break … enjoy coffee before two pm: coffee contains polyphenols that act as prebiotics. Rather, I add some licorice root or cocoa nips to the coffee powder. Almond butter or coconut oil replaces the milk. Speaking of nuts: they are a great coffee break snack. They give you energy without sending your blood sugar into a crazy “roller coaster”.

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