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stress relief and food for gut health

How to cope with stress in the 21st century

Stress makes us dumb, sick, and promotes premature aging. Gut health and effective stress relief matter more than ever for keeping resilient and fit. Did you know, that stress is one of the biggest enemies of your gut microbiome? Mindfulness-based stress reduction plays a major role in integrative medicine. A healthy belly meets a healthy brain. Boost gut health, fuel your mind, and prepare for higher resilience, to be ready when hard times hit. Let mindfulness-based stress reduction & microbiome-friendly food keep you smiling!

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Crisis - a chance!
Lifestyle matters.
Perception matters.

Hi, I am Judith Eppacher, the "working mom next door". For two decades I have been "juggling" family, work, and lifestyle. As a mother, I often reached my limits, particularly during the years as a single mom.II experienced feelings of fatigue, especially after completing energy-consuming projects. Constipation has always been an issue for me, despite a relatively healthy diet.In the past, I was often tormented by a bloated belly. Not to mention the hormones! Occasionally, during challenging times, my hormones went out of whack. This sometimes led to sleep disorders and brain fog. Fortunately, I started early on to proactively increase my resilience. Today, I feel stronger than ever and I use crisis to "grow" and become more flexible and resistant.

Gut Health - Hormones - Immune System - Mind

Today I know: everything is connected within our nervous system…

  • your hormonal balance
  • gut health
  • the physical and mental fitness
  • your feelings
  • the immune system.

What does gut health have to do with your feelings?

The gut seems to be the “Mecca” of our health. Over recent years, there has been a huge leaps in knowledge concerning the microbiome and its connection to our emotions, feelings, and mental clarityYou can find more about the intestinal-brain connection on the gut-brain-axis and the mind. 

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belly2brain Mindful Fuel
Juggling job and family

Proud mother of two awesome sons

The art of mastering life successfully

Become more resilient

The demands we have to fulfill today are high. The term “resilience” is used increasingly. In our context, it stands for the ability to withstand pressure. The German biohacker, Anja Leitz, describes the term as “antifragility” as such:

“We must become anti fragile, we must train the body to better withstand these changes and to better thrive in this shifting field.”

Why do I write about resiliency and stress relief?

I don’t see myself as a biohacking super-woman. I am not writing from the point of view of the perfect mother. That woman, who looks like she rocks job, family, home and garden with grandiose ease.  I also admit that my life has been very busy over the last twenty years. I have felt exhausted and burned out more than once, but that has led me to gain precious life skills. Today, it is easy for me to convert sudden fatigue or “blues” into positive life energy. I bounce back quickly and stronger. Simply speaking, I have become more resilient.

Work and family - How to cope?

My past experiences have taught me how to get more out of life. Today, I know how to remain resilient even in difficult times. And if I ever stumble, I know how to get up, adjust my “crown”, and carry on. That is exactly why I share hacks and tools that can help you better master your everyday life.

4 hacks for handling life with ease and joy

  • Consciously support your circadian rhythm for more energy, mental clarity, and balance. Quality of sleep and insulin balance plays an important role too. 
  • How can you consciously integrate healthy nutrition into your hectic everyday life? Simple and creative meal prep solutions can help. Find more information on this at Wholefood recipes for the gut microbiota.
  • What can help you overcome anxiety and deal with stress? Despite the hectic pace of work and the demands of family life, you can effectively integrate breathing techniques, movement, and mindfulness exercise into your everyday life. More about this on Stress relief for busy women.
  • No impact without conscious behavior change: how can you develop the long-term habits to actually implement these helpful suggestions? Effective habit hacks help you to actually implement all these smart tips and tricks in your everyday life.  

3 self-mastery secrets of high-achievers

  1. Clarity about your goals: 
  • What motivates you?
  • What makes you thrive?
  • What is your intention?
  • What is your purpose in life?  For me, a sharp mind, energy, and vitality are my most essential assets for enjoying life fully.
2. Once you are clear about what you are aiming for, break your goals down into manageable components, e.g. nutrition or mindset. You shouldn’t feel overwhelmed by the very idea of the desired outcome. Simplify the tasks to make implementation easier for you.
3. Find proven strategies and systems so that you actually succeed in implementing the change. One of my personal favorites in this area is the bestselling author James Clear. He developed simple processes to make good intentions effective and sustainable.

‘Belly to brain’ or ‘brain to belly’?

belly2brain stands for the connection between physical well-being and mental fitness.

The gut and its microbiome, the immune system, the brain, and even our endocrine glands are all connected. Find out more about this on the gut-brain-axis and the mind.

Knowledge is good, implementing is better!

Fit for the day

Proteinreiches Frühstück

Daily energy-booster

Bloodsugarfreindly coffee break

… enjoy coffee before 2 pm: coffee contains polyphenols that act as prebiotics. Rather, I add some licorice root or cocoa nips to the coffee powder. Almond butter or coconut oil replaces the milk. Speaking of nuts: they are a great coffee break snack. They give you energy without sending your blood sugar into a crazy “roller coaster”.