Sleep Hacks For More Energy

Sleep - The Fountain Of Youth

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Sleep Hacks For More Energy

Sleep -What the hack?

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Ashwagandha Chill-Chai Tea

We spend a third of our lives asleep, but by no means this state of hibernation is time wasted!

For my 42nd birthday, my husband sent me (literally) to a meridian massage with a great therapist. Actually I had absolutely no time, because I was planning to cook for my parents and had sooo much to do. However, it later turned out that this very holistic therapy session was to completely change the course of the following year. I was completely out of balance and not grounded at all. The therapist could tell from the moment she saw me. 
As I lay on the massage table, she questioned me about my sleeping habits. At that time, I was not sleeping more than 5 hours a night. I didn't see this as a big problem.My immediate reaction was, "I eat very healthy anyway! To which she replied, "Nutrition is only one of five pillars of health." That was the day I began to see health as a holistic issue. Respecting the circadian rhythm plays an essential role in this!

Why Is Restful Sleep So Crucial?

According to the latest studies, restful sleep plays an extremely important role, especially when it comes to the regeneration of our physical and mental functional mechanisms. Truly restful sleep increases productivity supports fat loss, helps prevent illness, improves concentration and mental clarity. One of my favorites experts in this field is Shawn Stevenson. In his best-selling book Sleep Smarter, he explains all the aspects that need to be considered to optimize sleep quality. Of course, the biohacking guru and owner of BulletproofDave Asprey, must also be mentioned in this context. For him, sleep plays a particularly important role in connection with longevity.

Living in sync with the circadian rhythm is the most crucial factor when talking about the quality of sleep. Still, it is one of the hardest things to fit into our modern lifestyles. So what is the circadian rhythm? I found a great source, that explains it in depth… check here.

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Create your cozy sanctuary of sleep!

6 benefits you get from a restful sleep

  1. By ensuring a deeper sleep at night, you support the burning of fat. Weight-loss the easy way. I’m sure that Sleeping beauty knew that.
  2. You are mentally fitter and you have a clearer mind. You will also find it easier to concentrate and you have a better memory. This increases your effectiveness and therefore your quality of life by achieving better results in every area of your life. Become smarter with a restful sleep!
  3. Many people sacrifice sleep to achieve more. They hardly know that the quality of work can be severely affected by sleep deprivation. Restful sleep can radically improve productivity, you manage to do more with more ease. Unfortunately, at this point, maternal care must also be mentioned. During the first years of a child’s life, mothers seldom feel well-rested and often do not reach the desired sleep level. In this case, it is all the more important to make the most of the little sleep the young mother is allowed.
  4. The stress load on the body can be significantly reduced by restful sleep. In other words, the simplest prevention of many stress-related, often chronic diseases is good quality sleep.
  5. Millions of people suffer from lack of energy and chronic fatigue. Good sleep, in favor of a more effective regeneration, gives us the energy that makes life worth living. Everyone who has ever suffered from severe fatigue understands the importance of life energy.
  6. Heart disease, diabetes, and cancer are reaching epidemic proportions. Certainly, you too have met people who suffer or have suffered from one of these diseases. Improving the quality of your sleep can also make a significant preventive contribution.

Which nutrients help me to improve my sleep?

Find out which nutrients are vital for a better quality of sleep. If you feel deprived of sleep, you better watch out for the nutrients I have listed HERE … including the recipe for the delicious Ashwaghandha Chill-Chai Tea!

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The sweet treat: pure and simple recipes

The sweet treat: pure and simple recipes

A gluten-free low-carb chocolate cake to die for

glutenfree french chocolate cake recipe

Being locked-indoors, some of us may feel the urge of creating home-made sweet treats. Since many in my surroundings avoid the consumption of gluten, simple carbs and sugar, I keep experimenting with new recipes. This week I managed to turn a recipe for a French chocolate cake into its gluten-free version. It was a hit in terms of consistency and taste. What strikes me most, was that I could turn a handful of ingredients into such a mouthwatering experience. 

The recipe is free of conventional sugar, hydrogenized oils, white flour and baker’s yeast. Instead, I can use high-quality butter or even ghee from grass-fed cattle, free range eggs from the farmer’s market, and fair-trade dark chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa. It is loaded with fibers, polyphenols, good fat and clean protein.

simple chocolate brownie healthy ingredients only

Here's what I used to make gluten-free chocolate cake:

  • 200 g grass-fed butter
  • 200 g dark chocolate 70%+ cocoa
  • 4 free-range eggs
  • 10 dates, additionally 1-2 spoons of healthy-choice sugar, like the less-refined muscovado sugar
  • 2 tbs of coconut-flour and 1tbs of starch, like tapioca starch (if you don´t have that, use 2 tbs spelt flour)
  • optionally, dust with dark cocoa powder

How to Prepare the French Chocolate Cake

First things first. Get the ingredients out and prepare the baking materials: a pot and a water-resistant bowl for the water bath. Get a few bowls ready. You need a blender and a mixer, and a ten-inch cake tin covered with baking paper. Optionally, a food scale for weighing butter and chocolate, but usually there are the measurements already marked on those goods. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees. Soak the dates in half a cup of hot water beforehand, to soften them.

Melt the butter and the dark chocolate in a water bath. Puree the dates with as little liquid as possible. Separate the eggs into two bowls. Beat the egg whites to a stiff snow. Add the yolk to the dates, if you prefer sweeter cakes, add 1–2 spoons of raw sugar. Beat the mix to a creamy homogeneous mass then slowly add the coconut flour and starch, add the melted chocolate-butter slowly and mix well with a whisker. Carefully fold in the snow. Fill the cake mold with baking paper. Pour the creamy mixture into the pan and bake in the raw for about 30 minutes. Once cold, sieve cocoa powder over it.

melt butter and chocolate in a water bath

How to melt butter/chocolate in water: you need to heat some water, put the solid mass in a heat-resistant bowl, and stir occasionally.

Savor every bite and embrace this delicious cake with a nice cup of tea or lactose-free Caffe Latte to its fullest. 

For US-weights, check my post on Medium.

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Boost Your Immunity now - With Bone Broth!

bone broth for gut heath and the immune system

Why your granny's chicken broth was the best remedy when you got a cold

Bone broth with fresh lemon juice, freshly ground pepper, and sliced fresh turmeric, delicious. In crazy times like these, when everyone is worried about their health, it makes sense to go for anti-inflammatory foods and beverages. Everyone recalls granny’s chicken bone broth, which quickly restored our health when we had the flu. Additionally, ginger and turmeric are particularly good anti-inflammatory spices. Freshly grated turmeric adds a nutty flavour. The effect of curcumin is enhanced with black pepper and lemon. I winter I love to start my day with Brodo (bone broth), an immune boosting soup, with easy digestible proteins and its highly bioavailable mineral content.

Bone broth trio blog 1

How to make bone broth with optimal health benefits?

Bone broth really works best when cleanly sourced and traditionally made. Make your own broth, you can trust it is MSG-free, has no added flavors, yeast, additives, and damaged proteins. My homemade broths are made with bones from sources I trust. Since my meat consumption is very low, bone broth feels like a great compromise. I add fresh herbs or sprouts and fresh lemon juice in order to increase digestion… and frankly, taste;)

It is best to cook a whole lot with a slow-cooker, like a crockpot. I use a well sealed multi-function pot – the  Instant Pot. Unlike an other label, with the Instant Pot there is no such thing like a smelly house from cooking bone broth. I than can either store the broth in jars in the fridge or freeze them portion-sized in silicone molds. Cook at least for 8 Hours under 100°C/200°F… I let it simmer for even up to 20 hours. Add veggies and fresh herbs the last hour or gradually and then take out, to prevent a bitter taste... I love to cook my broths in a well-sealed slow cooker, in my Instant Pot. If you roast the bones in the oven first, you get an extra intensive caramel-like flavor and more of that highly-indulging umami taste.

bone broth benefits and how to make it

More health benefits from consuming bone broth

Thanks to the Paleo movement, the art of making traditional bone broth has celebrated a renaissance. Gluthatione is one of the most important crucial nutrients that protect us from the attack of free radicals. The amino acids required for building gluthatione. Instead of taking supplements, you can just simply slurp your bone broth. According to studies, bovine cartilage increases the number of killer cells. By stimulating the lymphocytes that form antibodies and fights off foreign antigen. It is worth providing bone broths for curing infections, or even better, prevent them in the first place! I have found an informative source about the benefits of bone broth from the perspective of functional medicine, here. You can increase the alkalinity of the broth by adding all the greens you can find. Use kick-ass polyphenols and minerals: potatoes, onion, garlic, celery, cabbage, carrots, fresh dark leafy veggies… Here a tip though: add fresh greens ad a later stage for a milder taste, especially if you are not used to a bitter flavor. Speaking of bitter: turmeric, ginger, dark leafy veggies, and other bitter vegetables are some of the liver’s favorite goodies. If you support the liver, your gut works better and so do your hormones. And last but not least: the immune system. There is evidence that bone broth:
  • improves joint health,
  • reduces cellulitis and wrinkles,
  • is beneficial to the health of the gut,
  • and boosts the immune system.
What’s for certain: most cultures have some sort of bone broth as a foundation of their traditional cuisine.. they consider a rich broth as an energy-boosting ingredient for many dishes.. so there must be something to it. In an other post, I will explain in detail, why bone broth is good for you by looking at some science explained by Catherine Shanahan, M.D.  She outlines the four pillars of human diet. One of them is ‘meat on the bone’, and here bone broth comes into play. So, in the meantime feel free to check out her book Deep Nutrition – Why Your Genes need Traditional Food.

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