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belly2brain Mindful Fuel and stress management
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Sleep Hacks For More Energy

Sleep – The Fountain Of Youth Instagram Facebook Linkedin Medium Sleep -What the hack? Ashwagandha Chill-Chai Tea We spend a third of our lives asleep, but by no means this state of hibernation is time wasted! Judith Eppacher For my 42nd birthday, my husband sent me (literally) to a meridian massage with a great therapist. […]

Belly2brain delight blackn white
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The sweet treat: pure and simple recipes

Instagram Facebook Linkedin Medium A gluten-free low-carb chocolate cake to die for Being locked-indoors, some of us may feel the urge of creating homemade sweet treats. Since many in my surroundings avoid the consumption of gluten, simple carbs, and sugar, I keep experimenting with new recipes.  This week I managed to turn a recipe for […]

bone broth for gut heath and the immune system
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belly2brain bone broth

Instagram Facebook Linkedin Medium Boost Your Immunity now – With Bone Broth! Why your granny’s chicken broth was the best remedy when you got a cold? Bone broth with fresh lemon juice, freshly ground pepper, and sliced fresh turmeric, delicious. In crazy times like these, when everyone is worried about their health, it makes sense […]